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Engaged Sweeper II
My organization is switching out Windows 7 devices with Window 10. We are keeping same device names.

After doing backups of users data.

User still say they maybe missing printers or software.

How can I look up the details of the old windows 7 computer after it have been switched out?
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Generally speaking, if you update from W7 to W10 and keep the same name/domain for the computers, Lansweeper simply updates and overwrites the information.

For a lot of things you can enable history. For software, it is enabled by default. Have you tried taking a look on the asset's history tab?
Engaged Sweeper II
Thank you, I have never checked this tab. Is there any way to customize what information is stored in history?

I would like to have something like special software and any licences keys, mapped drives and printers.

It is a big push to switch over 1000+ devices over before the end of the year. So we have many different techs and moving parts. I would like to say everyone is recording this information before switching out a device but not always the case.