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Engaged Sweeper

Hi everyone,

my department recently moved from a self-made ticketing system to the LS helpdesk ticketing system. While checking out the features of the new ticketing system, the wish to import tickets from the old ticketing system arose. We tested the import with 3 old tickets. Initially the import process reported error messages due to bad formating. After fixing the csv file, no error messages emerged and the import was successful. We could see the old tickets, comments and users who have been involved.

Now it was time to import all old tickets (around 4k). After editing the csv file like previously, no more error messages emerged and the import process started. This took a bit of time, but because of the amount of tickets which had to be processed, we thought it wasn't unusual. After around half an hour, we realized the process stopped (progress spinner disappeared) without any notification or error message. We checked the helpdesk tickets and users but we couldn't find any imports. Afterwards we tried the import again but with the same result.

Did anyone encounter similar issues during the import process?

Thanks in advance.

Champion Sweeper III

Have a look at this article. Towards the end it lists some common errors that might apply.

If that doesn't help, try breaking the CSV file into smaller chunks of 1000 or so.

Years back I successfully imported my spiceworks tickets of around 2500 tickets. Some massaging had to be done as you are aware.

Good luck.