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Engaged Sweeper
hi lansweeper support,

i cannot scan and detect IP Phone,
i already test with lansweeper device tester below
any wrong scan i do?
Engaged Sweeper
Hi Charles,

OK thank you for your consideration.
and i'll try to test with SNMPv3, because previously i try with SNMPv1.

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Hi Ridho,

I removed your screenshot since I wasn't sure if it was meant to to be seen publicly. Since you are using SNMPv3 to try and scan the IP phone, I would recommend double checking if the Lansweeper credentials match the requirements of the phone. There have been cases where a security context was required for the device in order to scan it.

Alternatively, and if possible, you could scan the IP phone with SNMPv2 which should work provided it is enabled.

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