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Engaged Sweeper
We're just starting to use Lansweeper and overall, we're satisfied. A couple of things are hanging us up though - 1) when we initiate a scan, SEP on the Macs will report it as a portscan; then we get calls! We did put in the firewall policy exception but that didn't work. 2) PCs are also having this issue; again, the firewall policy was put in but nada.

Anyone found a way around these obstacles?

Engaged Sweeper
For PCs, we disable the domain firewall (best to go to advanced settings in firewall) and put in a line in SEPM firewall policy to allow all traffic from the Lansweeper server. Works fine on PCs but can't say the same for Macs yet .. still getting the SEP port scan message of vulnerability blocked. Only way so far has been to turn off Threat protection but that doesn't seem like a good thing to do. Suggestions?

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