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Can Lansweeper merge assets with matching IPs?

Hello,In our organization we've implemented OpenSSH servers on Windows 10+ devices for remote management tasks using the natively supported OpenSSH server package through DISM. Because of this Lansweeper has duplicated all of the Windows assets in Ac...

mluck94 by Engaged Sweeper
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monitoring lansweeper components

Hi all.We are looking at how to monitor lansweeper and have hit a blocker with the database configuration as it is encrypted in the config file (Lansweeperservice.exe.config).We are using remote MSSQL on our installation.Obviously we can see the db a...

lamboid by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Universal Windows Platform

Trying to find Universal Windows Platform programs installed with the .appx. Using version with the agent the I need to find what version of a program is installed.Program is in the C:/Program Files/WindowsAppsI did try a registry s...

ChrisK by Engaged Sweeper II
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Change computer description via LanSweeper

Hello!I've been tasked with changing the computer description on our Windows servers. (In system settings)We do have a description current that gets fed into LanSweeper.The task is to prepend either a TEST or PROD at the beginning of each description...

briang by Engaged Sweeper II
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