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Engaged Sweeper
When user connects to VPN we are not able to scan assets. Machine shows offline
Champion Sweeper III
so I am testing a new scan of that vpn lan, and having it go every few hours during our business hours, which, in theory should increase the likelihood I scan those assets while they are on at least once or twice a week thanks to @iBoyd.
Champion Sweeper
It is a client-level solution but we have a scheduled task deployed to our VPN-enabled devices that executes a local copy of lspush.exe after a network connection event occurs.
Champion Sweeper III
I have the subnet set up as a scanning target, now if there were a way to trigger a scan when the vpn gets connected that would be awesome.
Engaged Sweeper III
I have the VPN subnet set up as a scanning target and an Asset group, set to Scan for 1 hour inter

I won't capture if the user is coming in via VPN or not if they miss the scanning window tho. I only have 1 scanning server (by choice)