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Engaged Sweeper III
We just installed a new HP laptop and could not get it scanned by lansweeper.
Every firewall-setting we went true and double checked.

But when Symantec blocked suspected files in temp-directory related to HP Sure Sense, and stopped that program to work, we could scan the pc with connection-tester, we know we was on to something.

After uninstalled HP Sure Sense everything began to work normal.

Can anyone confirm if there is something wrong with HP Sure Sense?
Or is there settings in HP Sure Sense that Lansweeper has to include in there guide.

/BR Lennart
Honored Sweeper
It's an anti Malware / Virus tool so I would expect it to block ports etc to prevent access.

Needs to be configured to allow the connections required.

Had a similar thing with laptops we were receiving that were bundled with Macafee which in turn was blocking the WMI scans so we couldn't deploy our SOE via Lansweeper without first uninstalling Mcafee.

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