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Engaged Sweeper II
I'm looking to include the text of the Comments section of an asset into the main search OR access a separate search function that is for the comments. It seems like the Comments area would be much more useful if they were indexed by the search.

Am I missing something?

Edit: Just for further clarification we have asset tags we apply to all physical assets over a certain dollar value. If there is another location(that is searchable) we could input that information for the asset I would be fine with using that.

Edit 2: It would also be fantastic if you could include the Comments section on both the Report tab and the print-friendly Report.
Engaged Sweeper II
Ah, good point. I doubt that this would be any kind of priority so I should probably get used to the custom fields.

Champion Sweeper II
It would be nice if comments were indexed. Anyway, we use one of the asset custom fields for our asset tags and we can search based off of that information. I'd recommend giving that a try.