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Engaged Sweeper III
I have a VM guest with name AS1. It originally was hosted by asesx.
Since then it has been moved to asdcc5 and it is running actively.
AS1 is still in host asesx, but it is inactive.

Problem: In the asset page of AS1, the Vmware still shows asesx as the host instead of asdcc5.

I rescanned AS1, asesx, and asdcc5 to update, but that did not help. When I scan the same assets with Solarwinds, it shows asdcc5 to be the host for AS1.

How can I get Lansweeper to update the correct active host (asdcc5) for guest AS1?
Engaged Sweeper III
I am sorry to say that workaround is not acceptable because the VM guest that is not used is iin the host, but it is not turned on. I am not sure how our Solarwinds application is able to do it, but I would like Lansweeper to show the guest that is active and its corresponding host. What if I have an active guest on one host and an inactive clone of that VM image in another host for disaster recovery purposes. As a result, I would like LS to show me the host for the image that is active.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Since this question was also sent to our support team, I'll drop the answer here too for anyone having a similar issue.

When the same asset was rescanned on the new host, it was automatically merged with the old asset, resulting in only one computer. When a VMware host is scanned, Lansweeper collects a list of MAC addresses of its guests. This information is used to display the hostname on the guest's asset page. If both hosts have hosted this asset at one point, the asset will be in this list twice. When displaying the assetpage, Lansweeper will check the database for a link to a VMware host, and will display the first value it finds.

The way we currently gather the information, Lansweeper cannot determine which host is currently running the guest.

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