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Engaged Sweeper
I am a new 16 year old apprentice and I am trying to download an application (shoreware/Shoretel) that has been used throughout my company for years without fault on a new laptop. when I try and download it says 'for my security internet explorer blocked downloads from this site'. I added it to my trusted sites and it still has the same issue. any ideas on what it may be and how I might be able to download this? Thanks
Engaged Sweeper
I also work for a young company and over the past couple of months we have introduced a lot of IT innovations. It was lucky that I came across this conversation, because a similar question arose, and I hope that now it will be possible to solve it.
Engaged Sweeper
Thanks for the help!! I work for a fairly small company and me and my boss are the only IT guys. My boss was away for a few days and I wanted to get this sorted. It wasn't the policy preventing me from downloading unfortunately but I believe the link you have given may be the correct answer. fingers crossed.
Champion Sweeper III
Charles, Welcome to the club!
your IT department has settings which are blocking this most likely, start by asking your contact there to explain, perhaps it is policy, perhaps there is a reason they are set that way.

baring that, a bing/google search of the text of messages (in quotes often helps) can yield answers like this...

when looking at search results, pay attention, some are Ads, some are less than reputable sources, etc.
Great start by coming here and asking. I would tell you there are other sites too with excellent communities to help.