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Windows Rename Detection - Not Working

This is working:'ve renamed many machines since this was enabled, and not one of those renames has not created a new asset.

laurin1 by Engaged Sweeper III
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API AddTicket Files Error

Hello,EDIT: I've narrowed it down to the filename, example #4 works when I hard code a value.I'm trying to use the AddTicket API to upload files to Lansweeper but I get a Success=False every time, yet the ticket still gets created in Lansweeper and t...

andrewc by Engaged Sweeper
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Microsoft Office - Determining 32 vs. 64-bit Versions

Can I determine what whether a particular machine is running the 32 or 64-bit version of a program, in particular Microsoft Office?Or can I determine how many installations we have of a particular software broken out by 32 and 64-bit?Happy New Year,-...

johnj by Engaged Sweeper II
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Force SNMP?

HiI have some switches and network devices that I manage VIA web or SSHI have them all with SNMP enabled and configured for lansweeper.but lansweeper insists on web or ssh scan since it's open and available for the devices, it will not scan VIA SNMP ...

kuku1122 by Engaged Sweeper
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Lansweeper fresh install to switch database

I'm trying to switch my LS installation over from a server based SQL database to a local one. I'm using the guide found HERE (I am also switching from IIS express to IIS) When I run the setup file I don't see an option under "advanced install" to sel...

zpalmer by Engaged Sweeper
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Missing hyperv host details for guest asset LAN-4130

Any ETA on the fix for LAN-4130?After updating to the 7.2 update and I do not see anymore the hyper-v host where a guest asset is.but on the hyperv host itself, as before I still see the asset listed under the Hyper-v guests section.

danielm by Champion Sweeper II
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Step 1:Action: ConditionStep Name: Exists?ConditionType: FilePath: \\Program Files (x86)\Dell\CommandUpdateFile Name: DellCommandUpdate.exeCondition: ExistsStep 2:Action: InstallerStep Name: Install Dell Command UpdateInstall File: {PackageShare}\\In...