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Engaged Sweeper III
Hi Team,

we have few machines which LS is unable to scan. 'RPC Unavailable'
also tried the basic troubleshooting steps but its not resolving the issue.

LS push run on machine gives updated output however after re scan it again goes back to the older IP address.

can someone guide me on this


Atul S
Honored Sweeper
I put a scheduled task on our server that runs a ipconfig /flushdns due to the face that we have alot of machines that work remotely via VPN. This has helped when we have these weird connection issues.
Champion Sweeper III
Have you made sure the DNS resolves correctly for the machine? Active scanning will use DNS when it scoops it up for scanning every day or so... if the DNS doesn't resolve correctly, it will do that.

Then the LSPush will send the correct IP info and update the LS asset...

make sense? we have stale DNS records sometimes and that happens a lot.

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