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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
all Jira issues can now be auto-enriched with Lansweeper asset data.
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Lansweeper App for Jira Service Management  - Enrich Jira issues with complete and accurate data from Lansweeper
The Lansweeper App for Jira Service Management enables  both Lansweeper and Jira customers to realize the full value of their Lansweeper IT asset data for simplifying day-to-day IT service management tasks.
The app provides service ticket enrichment by fetching asset data from Lansweeper based on user-defined search criteria.
Users can search Lansweeper asset data using an IP or Mac address, and the information is retrieved in seconds. Various asset details – including the device, location, installed software and more – are then viewable at-a-glance from within the Jira issue.
Users can also select assets as a part of any Jira issue and retain them. Clicking on the redirect to Lansweeeper takes users directly to the Lansweeper interface, where they can see any and all information related to the asset under investigation.
The Lansweeper App for Jira Service Management also enables users to link issues with selected assets in an existing issue to other issues, for enhanced tracking of related issues. 
Key features:
  • Fetch IT asset data with user-defined searches right within Jira 
  • View various asset details at-a-glance from within the Jira interface
  • Link issues for selected IT assets with related issues
  • Available to all Lansweeper and Jira customers, regardless of tier

As always, any feedback is appreciated and if you have a new use case for integration, please let us know!

Champion Sweeper

Only for JIRA Cloud installations?
JIRA on-prem not?

Champion Sweeper III

For JIRA on-prem (and LS on-prem), you could build your own ODBC connection from JIRA to Lansweeper's DB.

We first created a view in our Lansweeper DB that has only limited assed information and access rights (read only). JIRA (Insight) reads this view daily. That way we can add device info to JIRA tickets. Works as a charm.

Champion Sweeper

I would like to know more about your solution. Could you get in touch with me?

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Hey @WuGe , thanks for the question. Yes, the integration is for Jira cloud only. 



Engaged Sweeper

This is excellent news - we have added the Lansweeper app from the Jira marketplace and the installation completes with the success message(manage app). However, we cannot see the 'Lansweeper Configuration' section to allow us to proceed with the api integration - it appears that the app has not been installed correctly.  We have uninstalled and then reinstalled the app but this has not resolved the issue.  Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for the feedback, we have just raised a ticket with Jira marketplace as we too are now experiencing the same issue as you with the app not installing correctly. I will update in this forum when this issue has been resolved by Jira. Thanks again