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Engaged Sweeper
I am looking for some assistance with installing KnowBe4's Second Chance client. This package requires a license key to be installed. I have tried creating a deployment package using their "suggestions" but have not been successful. I am not real "fluent" in Lansweeper deployments, I am still learning. I sure would like to be able to push this out as opposed to installing on 800 PCs. Any assistance is very much appreciated.

Here is what they have for a "Command line" installation.

SecondChanceSetup.exe /q /ComponentArgs "KnowBe4 Second Chance":"LICENSEKEY=""XXXXXXXXXX"""

Here is what I have created to try and get the deployment to work. I have tried both Installer and Command. This is my installer deployment.


Parameters (license key redacted)

/q /ComponentArgs "KnowBe4 Second Chance":"LICENSEKEY=""xxxxxxxx"""

Champion Sweeper II
I've only done a few deployments from Lansweeper, so someone more knowledgeable will probably think of something I don't, but here's a few places where I've gotten stuck:

The creds for the deployment have admin access?
The creds for the package share have read-execute access?
Lansweeper has the correct location for the package share?

Another thing that got me was with the installer creator, the help text says to use quotation marks if there are spaces in the parameters - I found this not to be the case, once I removed those quotation marks the deployment worked as expected.
Champion Sweeper II
What kind of error does Lansweeper give you when you try to deploy it?
KevinA-REJIS wrote:
What kind of error does Lansweeper give you when you try to deploy it?

I get "unknown error" Does not matter if I create it as a Command or Installer.

Result: Deployment ended: Unknown error (0xffffffff). Stop(Failure)