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Engaged Sweeper III

Post says that lansweeper helps with IOT, but I feel it does so in a very indirect way. Is there a way to use Lansweeper to actually assist in identifying these threats in a direct and intentional way(report, search feature..). There is no security subsection in lansweeper, am I missing something?

I'm utilizing it as a software deployment and inventory management system and basic alert system now, getting it to do more would be nice.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Data is really the key here. Lansweeper isn't a cyber security software. But any decent cyber security software requires accurate data. If you don't have all the information about your assets and software, detecting vulnerabilities in your environment will be impossible.

What Lansweeper can do on it's own really depends on what your goal is and how creative you are as Jacob also pointed out. For example, for public vulnerabilities like wannacry and meltdown and spectre, Lansweeper can scan items that indicate whether a device is vulnerable, and this can be reported on.

Champion Sweeper III
It's marketing material to say 'hey you can discover these things on your network' - i.e. by subnet scanning. Then you can be like 'hey - there's a dumb switch someone plugged in' etc...

however, LS is awesome as a security and compliance tool - you just have to use your imagination.

integrate with splunk, make switch email alerts where new unscanned devices are on the switch, software compliance, true-up's, all sorts of things... monitor the hosts file for windows and send email alerts if they have been modified... all sorts of things.

check SCCM agent's - does it have it? (.exe check), is it checking in properly? (Registry key)?

there's a ton but I don't want to give away too many secrets...