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Engaged Sweeper

Hello Lansweeper Community,


I have a question. We have an Azure Tenant and we want the trial (14 days) to test the product. I've installed the Lansweeper Scanner on a Virtual Machine, I've completed the setup.

Also I created credentials for IntuneV2 to scan our MDM and find assets. (I followed Lansweeper tutorial to set app Enterprise App and provide rights for this app). Now which would be the next step to start scanning our workstations in our tenant? We have to deploy the LSAgent on all of our workstations and then run the scan or is another way to accomplish that?

Also i know for sure that on old lansweeper version (classic) we can view pheriperals connected to our assets (laptops, PC's etc). Is this still applicable to this cloud version?




Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hi there,


Currently, you can scan these items with the Microsoft Cloud Services app.


However, when a scanning server is deployed in your environment, you can start scanning all workstations with an IP range scanning target.