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Engaged Sweeper
Lansweeper v6064. By logging into my Windows 10 workstations and checking, I know Microsoft .NET Framework is installed on my Windows 10 workstations. However, Lansweeper cannot find that installation (Software) on any of my Windows 10 machines. Is it something I'm doing?
Lansweeper Alumni
Windows software is scanned out of the registry and mimics add/remove programs. Ordinarily, when software is listed under Add/Remove Program locally on the computer, Lansweeper should pick it up during software scanning. We recommend the following:
  • Check the Last Seen date of the asset in question to ensure it has been successfully scanned since .Net Framework was installed. If not, click the Rescan Asset button in the left hand pane.
  • Check Add/Remove Programs on the local Windows computer to ensure .Net Framework is present here.