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Engaged Sweeper II
Dear all,

at the moment we are still using a classic license "Lansweeper Premium - unlimited asset".
I know we have to change it to the new license type next year - Enterprise.

Regarding the "unlimited" we are used Lansweeper in the past also as a historical logbook to have all devices in it since years. - I am talking about 10.000 assets.

My question is:

Will be all "non-active" clients counted to the license aswell? - I think I've read something about that this state will be not counted as a license, but I don't find anything regarding it.
I am afraid that the next license will be too expensive.

What will be the best solution to have all devices there aswell this one which arn't used anymore?

My idea would be to configure the old devices as "non-active" so that they don't count a license.

Best regards
Lansweeper Alumni
Hello Julien,

This is Koen from Lansweeper Support.
All assets that are stored in the database count towards your license count.
As long as you can consult the assets (whatever the state they are in) they will account for 1 license.
The only exception being monitors that are connected to assets.
Please take a look at the following knowledge base article for more details:

Kind regards

Lansweeper Support

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