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Engaged Sweeper
Hi All

We have around 190 sites and no actual network as such, so the sites are in essence standalone.

We are looking for Assett discovery that will feed into our service now platform and looked at LanSweeper a few months ago but as we have no links into many sites from 1 location and many internal IP ranges are the same the product Lansweeper offered wasnt really fit

BUT .. someone said they were working on a cloud version in which all you had to do was setup with your sites external IP, open firewall to Lansweeper and it would get all assett info into cloud and then we could export to SNOW.

OK .. I have simplified but that was jist but I cant find any reference to this offering on this site - so was it scrapped ? does it exist but not advertised ? Is it as good as I have stated ?

Any help on this would be appreciated as I need to get this project installed shortly