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Windows assets not being set to non-active

In our options, we have it set to "Set assets to non-active if not seen in the last [30] days."However we found 395 Windows assets whose last seen day was greater than 30 days ago.Why are these not being changed to non-active automatically?Have run t...

davepusey by Engaged Sweeper II
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Helpdesk Teams & Built-in Admin

Hello all,I'm attempting to remove the default teams from the LS Helpdesk and it's telling me the teams still have agents. The only agent still assigned to them is the built-in admin. It gives the error regardless of whether the account/agent is acti...

Powershell script for WOL on VLAN

Recently I had the issue that my lance server is in a different plane than my clients.Because you can not send wol request over different vlans, the built-in action of lansweeper does not work.However, it is possible to use the supplied wol.exe tool ...

HKLM_ by Engaged Sweeper
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Windows CE - Scanning

Hey folks, good chance there is any successful way to scan all our Windows CE devices?All of them appeared as unknown, luckily as I have a separate vlan for these assets I was able to successfully run a mass edit but I would like to know i...

maupaiva by Engaged Sweeper
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Update DNS record

If I manually change a DNS record how long will it take Lansweeper to recognize this and update? I can't find the setting for this or for a way to force it to update.

Trigger deploy when seen

Is there a way to schedule a deployment to trigger when the computer is seen on the network? We have many that work remote and would like the software to trigger when they are seen but only deploy once till successful.

bbazian by Engaged Sweeper
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Deployment Java

After hours of spending to try install Java and copy the files to c:\program files (x86) the exclusion files and the java.seurity file to c:\windows\sun\java\deployment, asking for help.I have downloaded and edit a package from this forum and have ad...

cstoop by Engaged Sweeper
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Approved Software

Can anyone tell me what the approved software report details? I need to understand the process to be 'approved' software within the Lansweeper console. I found this report under 'All Reports', and just typed in Approved in the search. Thank You.

harrellkh by Engaged Sweeper
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