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Engaged Sweeper
So I figured I would ask since the application is "relatively simply" but has anyone attempted to get Lansweeper into a container? Since its primarily just a web app with a DB backend it should work. Any thoughts?
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
The things I can tell you are that Lansweeper consists of 3 components as mentioned here: https://www.lansweeper.com/kb/169/lansweeper-component-overview.html

Additionally, please note that for obvious reasons we can't provide support for this. Lastly, this is simply an FYI, but please be aware that what you are doing might technically be against the EULA.

I'm not saying you should immediately stop with what you are trying to do, but I wanted to make you aware of the things above.

If you have any specific reason for doing this (other than for "science") feel free to let me know and I can see if it is currently possible or I can add it to the customer wish list.
Engaged Sweeper
From Lansweeper no...but I did hack a dockerfile together that got it "running"...still had some small issues to work out but it was a science experiment so I haven't messed with it since then. Website was up and connected to the database but never got the scanning engine going right.
Champion Sweeper
Have you heard anything about this?
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