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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee


As you might have seen, some time ago we welcomed Fing into the Lansweeper family.

With Fing, we’ll be able to recognize assets better without the need for credentials, greatly improving the asset radar effectiveness as well as the overall asset type recognition.

To finalize the development, we are looking for a few people who are willing and able to setup a test Lansweeper installation and try out this feature.

What will testing require?

  • If you want to join testing, you must be able to set-up a second, separate Lansweeper test environment that scans part of your network.

  • You are willing to provide feedback via email and/or the insider community.

What will you get?

  • Our everlasting gratitude

  • Special recognition in the Insider Community

When will this take place?

  • The first test is expected to start around the second half of December until early next year.


If you are interested in taking part, simply answer the poll below to sign-up and we’ll contact you before testing starts.

How many assets do you have in your Lansweeper installation(s)?
  • 0-500
  • 500-2,000
  • 2,000-10,000
  • 10,000-50,000
  • 50,000+

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Engaged Sweeper II

OK thanks for your answer.
Of course there is plenty possible as long as a small appliance can be deployed (rather than multiplying the scanner servers).
It remains to be seen what the on-board electronics allow. Lansweeper could multiply its possibilities with this type of accessory
I will follow this fascinating subject

Engaged Sweeper II

Hi Thierry,
We ‘translate’ the discovered MAC addresses of unknown devices (without known IP or asset data) using an OUI table that we’ve manually imported in the Lansweeper DB.
We created a custom report that ‘automagically’ shows us newly discovered (rogue) devices connected to our managed switches, together with the manufacturer information and ao. the configured VLAN.
See an example below:

Champion Sweeper II

Hello all,

I have a few questions regarding this:

  1. Is there any way we can see/confirm what additional information CDR gathers ? Are the extra fields marked as CDR info, instead of standard LS scanning ?

  2. Is there a specific table with CDR info we can search ? There is nothing in the DB documentation, and a rapid search on the DB itself also didn’t turn up anything…

Also, and this is more a wish list for Asset Radar, Lansweeper should have a lightweight server, that we could install on servers/PCs just for getting Layer2 info. Something more easy to install, more lean on resources, etc.

I would not even call it a server, let’s call it a probe, just for Asset Radar. For instance, in my case, we have more than 5000 VLANs, AssetRadar, as it is, is almost useless for us. Getting a scanserver on the DHCP servers would help, but our DHCP servers are also Domain Controllers, and per our security policy, they cannot have other services running… we can request an exception, but that would be far easier to do with a “probe” that with a full fledged server…

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
  1. The fields are not marked. But at the moment Lansweeper data will always take priority and CDR only updates empty fields.

Asset types are only changed if the asset type detected by LS is:

  • Unknown
  • IOS
  • Network device
  • Webserver

Asset fields that can be changed are (only if no value was found by LS):

  • MacVendor
  • Model
  • OsName
  • OsBuild
  • OsVersion
  • Brand
  1. tblDeviceRecognition holds API retrieved data for CDR.

The limitation of CDR and asset radar in regards to subnets and vlans is something we’re aiming to improve in the future. The current implementation is only a first version.

Engaged Sweeper II


I have more than 3000 MAC addresses seen by our switches and which are not recognized.

These are devices connected to switches without IP addresses or outside the addressing plan (on the switch ports view, I have known assets and unidentified MAC addresses and linked to no asset).

A report allows me to extract these MAC addresses and they are not linked to any asset identified by Lansweeper.

Will it be possible that Lansweeper at least indicates the manufacturer attached to these MAC addresses ?


Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

It is possible, but you’ll need a scanning server in the subnet of these devices so that Asset Radar can pick up their MAC address through.

Engaged Sweeper II

Ok, I understand that it is the radar asset that serves as the trigger for this MAC address resolution.
But we can also imagine that this MAC address resolution is done with this one condition: if a MAC address is unknown in the database (whatever its origin, radar asset, switch or other) then solve it …
In addition it will allow to use the switches as a complement to the radar asset !

Engaged Sweeper II

In summary, i suggest using switches (manageables) as a radar asset …

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Yeah is indeed an option to further expand the capabilities of CDR. We’re looking into different options on how to improve the accuracy and scope of the feature.