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Resolved! Remove all users from old domain

Hi,We have recently undertaken a domain migration project. Lansweeper is setup to scan both domains.When we search for a user there are two entries showing - one for the old domain and one for the new. Is there an easy way to remove all users from ...

Static IP Address

I know there is a report that will give me Static IP address for computers, but how would I get static IP's for all devices on the network such as wireless AP's, Printers, Hand-held scanners, etc?

rshuster by Engaged Sweeper
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InTune Scanning Issues

I've followed the instructions here: to allow lansweeper to scan InTune devices. It all looks okas per attacked image. We are getting the following error message:Error log details...

PatrickD by Engaged Sweeper
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Office 365 scanning issues

I have been trying to get this up and running. It just keeps failing to connect to 365. I removed MFA from the account that I am using and it still is not working. I also seen in a post that you have to enable basic authentication on the scan server....

Lansweeper Reporting Old Assets as New

Contents of errorlog.txt2019-09-14 20:25:13,980 [SCAN_10.40.195.11] INFO Error updating or inserting last scan DNS redirected to 1205-DC02 but expected computer 1205-DC02.something.local at LansweeperService.ComputerScanning.CheckWMIInitialAccessO...

Jpatterson by Engaged Sweeper II
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Cannot edit a ticket anymore

I upgraded to the latest version, and now I cant edit tickets. Even if I go into edit mode and dont change anything I cant save it. Get the message that "There is no row at position zero"

markharry by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! Assets disappearing

Hello,We have noticed that sometimes assets disappear in lansweeper. Mostly VMware persistent VM's, when we do a manual rescan of disappeared asset it adds the asset again in lansweeper. But this is an annoying issue for us since we use a lot of cust...

Change History or Restore of Custom Reports?

I opened a custom report with multiple case statements, used it as a template for a new report via SAVE AS.. when looking for the initial report, its gone now.Any way to view Change history to recover before SAVE AS?I was thinking this would create a...

GoHawks5 by Engaged Sweeper
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