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Honored Sweeper
Hi Guy's,

As per https://www.lansweeper.com/kb/11/firefoxplugin.html

Can you please provide the extension as well not just the installer.

I am using a portable version of Firefox and your old installer worked fine, the new one doesn't. It doesn't install the extension just closes, doesn't even install it in the expected install location.

Can you please provide the extension so I can use the custom actions again.
Champion Sweeper
Sorry to revive an ancient thread.

I saw another similar thread which said to uninstall and reinstall Firefox, which made no difference to me - I tried 3 or more times.

Then I noticed about FiIrefox Portable - I have this installed AS WELL as standard Firefox, due to Java Issues with EMC manager.

Could this be an issue?

Lansweeper Alumni
Just to add on to my previous reply, I've done some testing and it does appear to be possible to get the plugin to work on portable/nightly/etc. versions of Firefox.

In addition to my instructions above the following registry entry needs to be created, replace the file path below with the file path of your local extensions folder. This registry entry is ordinarily created by the installer, but the installer cannot run on non-standard/production Firefox versions.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
@="C:\\Program Files\\Nightly\\browser\\extensions\\Lansweeper\\com.lansweeper.lansweepershellexecFF.json"
Lansweeper Alumni
Unfortunately the highest supported version of Firefox for our extension is currently version 57.0, pre-release version such as Firefox Nightly are unfortunately not supported as of yet and we cannot guarantee add-on functionality within them. That said though we'll investigate whether we need to make adjustments to our extension for future Firefox releases, as seems to be the case.
Honored Sweeper
Thank you for that, I have just tested that and it doesn't execute any of the actions.

Did you try it with the Nightly Portable?

Lansweeper Alumni
We've also received an email about this topic and have answered the ticket via email, for everyone else's benefit our reply can be found below:

The latest Firefox extension installer looks for specific registry keys and folder locations related to Firefox during its installation. For Firefox portable these dependencies will not be found and the installation cannot continue. That said, we did get the plugin to work with Firefox portable 57.x:
  • Download the LSFF.rar file attached to this email.
  • Extract the file and folder within the archive to the FirefoxPortable\App\Firefox/Firefox64\browser\extensions folder(s)
  • Restart Firefox and go to Add-ons via the button at the top right, enable the add-on.