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Engaged Sweeper

Hi together,

i have more an Excel question than an Lansweeper question but maybe someone here can help me.

So I am importing Lansweeper-reports into Excel.
That works quite fine until i delete some rows and add some more columns.
If i did so and refresh the data from Lansweeper the stuff which i added stays where i wrote it but when there is an new line / row coming from the Lansweeper-Import my complete order gets "fucked up".

Ill try to show you what i mean...

This is what i get from Lansweeper-Import:

This is how it looks after i added and delete some stuff:

And this is what happens with my stuff after i refresh the data in excel from Lansweeper:

So as you see, the order of the stuff i added got totally messed up and i have no clue how to "stick" my stuff to the rows which are coming from Lansweeper.

Anyone got an idea how to do that?

Engaged Sweeper
Hi - just to be clear -

1. You have a data connection in Excel to the Lansweeper database.
2. You are loading that data into a worksheet or table in Excel.
3. You are maintaining data to the right of that IN EXCEL
4. On refresh, as rows are inserted by the data source, the data is no longer aligned to your manually entered data

This is a limitation of Excel. What you would need is

1. Maintin a separate table of data, by assetID or whatever Key you are using
2. Use VLOOKUP or better yet Power Query to merge the data back together in a final output table.

Power BI Desktop is excellent option for this and is free. It is a standalone product that combines Power Pivot and Power Query.

Alternatively, use the custom fields in Lansweeper and store your data there instead of Excel...?