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Engaged Sweeper
Hi folks,

It's been a while I created an lansweeper Restful API and I wanted to introduce this to you in the hope it's useful to somebody, especially because its completely open source.

Short Disclamer
I did this API for myself. So it's quite rudimentary and nothing "Enterprise Business Ultra Solution". What it does is go login into your SQL Instance. Query the SQL Data and give you some Results as JSON. There are 2 Queries included and you can adjust that logic if you need. And I hope some coders will expand the project.

With those JSON Data, you get a lot of information from your assets like installed OS, installed Software, Hardware and many more. To get those JSON Data you can simple use 3 lines of Powershell Code or any other language you perfer (Python, Java, C# or even assembly )

$response = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "http://localhost:85/api/Values" # Use your API-Lansweeper URI here
$data = ConvertFrom-Json $([String]::new($response.Content))
$data | Out-GridView

Check out the GitHub Repository for more information:

Have a nice day
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Thanks for trying out our API, and sharing your work, have you checked out our documentation, we are adding use cases to our documentations, you will find it here Welcome to Lansweeper Cloud's Technical Documentation | Documentation – Lansweeper

We also have a Postman workspace. please check out our collection here

Engaged Sweeper II
Thank you for this- but i am getting a 404 error on your github link..