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Lansweeper Alumni

We are exited and proud with this first addition to the Lansweeper ITAM 2.0 family.
Our current scanning engine will get a serious boost as we want to level up by leveraging fingerprinting to tell users more about detected assets without adding the requirement to perform an authenticated scan.
Fing develops applications and a physical appliance aimed at consumers looking to manage and secure their home environments.
They built a cloud-hosted device recognition engine leveraged in their own applications, but also available to other parties under an OEM agreement.

There are three types of OEM customers:

  • Networking hardware manufacturers (e.g. Netgear)
  • Security software vendors (e.g. Avira )
  • Consumer support service providers (e.g. Telefonica)

The following protocols are supported by the Fing API

  • MAC Address (Required)
  • DHCPv4 - DHCP Client information such as params, vendor, hostname
  • DHCPv6 - DHCPv6 info from IPv6 DHCP, Solicit
  • Netbios
  • SNMP - SystemOID, name, description, etc
  • UPnP - Device type, manufacturer, model name, etc
  • Hua - HTTP User-Agent string
  • Bonjour - An array of the bonjour services discovered
  • User custom - A user-inputted friendly name

We will leverage this additional credential-free scanning features in our scanning engine. This will also enable more accurate device information.
In its extend, we will have a shortcut into (I)(I)OT so we open up for the full IT estate discovery. A separate post will shed a light on this.

Looking forward to this exiting phase in the land of Lansweeper.

Champion Sweeper

This is a huge step for Lansweeper. I’ve often described Lansweeper as an excellent Windows scanning tool, not so much for non-WMI assets. Looking forward to this extension.

I encourage everyone here to install the mobile solution. It is free and you will get a sneak preview on the future

Fing Desktop (also free)
Windows :
Mac :