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Sharp printers are not scanning properly

I did an IP scan of our sharp printers using the IPv4 addresses that are set in the printer network and they are returning information for the administrative login page for the printers instead of the device information (manufacturer, model, MAC, col...

egrunden by Engaged Sweeper
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Script - Change Decktop and Lock Screen

When I try to use this script it works changing the lock screen but it isn't a clear picture and the desktop goes to a black screen which then locks out the users ability to change anything back from the black screen. The single desktop image file is...

rprahl by Engaged Sweeper
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SQL Server software scanning

We have numerous computers on which SQL Server 2008 was installed. The software has been removed but still appear in the report for All SQL editions. If I look at the software section for one of the computers in Lansweeper, I do not see SQL listed. ...

kat by Engaged Sweeper II
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I have about 5 reports that I use on a daily basis. Is there a way to have them all grouped together so I don't have to search for them one by one?

mkergan by Engaged Sweeper
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local admin list not beed updated

Hi all,I'm entering on a Windows 7 computer asset and I see that local adminstrator group is not being updated. All assets scans automatically in a daily schedule. Even if I rescan this asset, continues showing incorrect local admin grupo info. What ...

iPhone bug again????

I have iPhones blocked from scanning, but if the scan doesn't see it as an iPhone, then it is not going to skip it. This was fixed once before. What happened? See attached image.I have to manually delete these because they are scanned as "Network dev...

Mikey_ by Engaged Sweeper III
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Find details of old asset with same name

My organization is switching out Windows 7 devices with Window 10. We are keeping same device names.After doing backups of users data.User still say they maybe missing printers or software.How can I look up the details of the old windows 7 computer ...

cctech by Engaged Sweeper II
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