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Engaged Sweeper III
When LanSweeper (LS) scans it handles monitors by creating a relation between the monitor and the PC that it is connected to. This is fine but one thing it isn't doing is setting a location.

I know I can manually bring up each monitor and add it to a location that matches the PC location but I'm not excited to do this for over 100 monitors.

Is there a way to setup LS to automatically set the monitor location to match the PC?

The reason this is an issue for me is that I use the "Assets without a location" filter to review new assets and the list is filled with monitors and locations that clutters things up.
Engaged Sweeper II

Any updates to this?  I'm not worried about the "assets with location" filter, but I need inventory by location, and it's skipping docking stations and monitors, even though the information is in there.  How can they all be automatically bulk-set to match the computer they are connected to at once?

Engaged Sweeper

Do we have any updates on this matter?

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Fair point. I'll add it to the customer wish list.

However, for now I would recommend creating a custom report that excludes monitors. That will solve the problem you are having.
Engaged Sweeper
I'd also love to see this. I'm currently testing lansweeper out for your business and this seems like quite an oversight.
Engaged Sweeper III