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Hi, I can see all the Azure servers on Lansweeper, but not the software for each server? Anyone else having this issue? 

Create a new asset using API

Is there any way I can create a new asset using the Lansweeper API? I read the API documentation, and it offers edit and delete assets, I didn't find any API for creating a new one.

yzeng by Engaged Sweeper
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Unable to scan a non-domain W7 Asset

Hello,I have a Windows 7 machine on my network, but it is not part of my domain.LanSweeper can find it but cannot scan it, error "Scanning Access Denied".I have checked the user and password that LSweeper is trying to use when scanning this asset and...

TCS by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Best way to: PowerShell.exe -PolicyExecution Bypass

Hi Lansweeper Community,I have a question about the best way to run a PowerShell script on our inventoried machines that require the use of the -PolicyExecution Bypass parameter.What I was thinking is to run a Command within the Deployment settings, ...

dscoland by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! System adding notes

So I went on a week vacation with everything working perfectly. I came back and now, as you can see, the System keeps posting onto new tickets. It happens with nearly every ticket, but not with every ticket.Any idea why? We are running at version 606...

tuckerw by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Installed features - Table Name

I need to create a report based on Features installed on a computer, I got the table for software, but that table doesnt include the features, Does anyone knows that name of that table?

PROSUser by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Lenovo Purchase and Warranty Info

Morning,My business has recently moved over to Lenovo devices and we are now finding that no purchase or warranty information is being displayed in the asset overview.Is this an issue you are aware of? I assume it's to do with the lookup performed?? ...

Resolved! Can't add Active Directory Users

Hello,I would like te manualy add AD users through "User Access & Roles" but there is no domain listed in the "User Domain" dropbox. Do i have to enable something to get this?FYI: If a non existing user logged in through web site is will create the ...

dop by Engaged Sweeper III
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alerts and triggers

So there are some nice reports but they are not something you would want to go look at all the time but when they happen it would be nice to trigger an email.Since you have a sql back end, is it possible to use triggers in conjunction with the produc...

AZHockeyNut by Champion Sweeper III
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Resolved! QR codes buttons

I do not use QR codes so I would like to deactivate those two buttons in order not to see them anymore in any lansweeper web page ...Unfortunately I can't find any configuration option to do this ... Can someone help, please?Thanks

paprita by Champion Sweeper
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Lansweeper can't find .NET Framework on Windows 10

Lansweeper v6064. By logging into my Windows 10 workstations and checking, I know Microsoft .NET Framework is installed on my Windows 10 workstations. However, Lansweeper cannot find that installation (Software) on any of my Windows 10 machines. I...

jkwiat by Engaged Sweeper
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