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Engaged Sweeper II
I am currently trying to update the location information for assets which currently do not have any location assigned, and I'm using the standard "Assets without a location" report a lot.

My first question is if there is any way to determine the SQL query for the standard built-in reports?

I want to modify this report to include the asset's MAC address, but recreating the report from scratch makes the whole idea much less fun. If I could work off the query that already exists it would greatly simplify things.

An awesome feature to add to the program would be "Import standard report" in the SQL editor which gave you a menu of all the standard reports to choose from.

My next question is if there is a way to update the location for a bunch of assets all at once. I have several dozen items which are computer monitors attached to computers which do have a location assigned. I'm thinking it should be fairly easy to create an update query which would assign all of those monitors to the same location as the computer to which they're connected.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
When you say locations, do you mean IP Locations or the Location field which can be entered manually?

At this moments only the built-in reports which are in the reports tab can be edited. Opening any of those reports will allow you edit them and view the SQL query. Other views (which indeed are just SQL queries in the background) cannot be customized.

Updating multiple fields at once can be done in two ways:
  1. Using the Mass Edit assets button on the asset page as explained in step 6 of this knowledgebase article:
  2. If the Mass Edit assets option doesn't allow you to do the changes you want, you can always write a database script which does. If you plan on using database scripts, be sure to create a backup of your installation by following these instructions: