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Engaged Sweeper

is there a way to choose or prevent certain clients from sending data to the cloud relay.

We installed LsAgent on a few secure clients without the cloudkey, because we explicitly did not want those workstations to upload anything to the relay ever, but once the agent has contacted the Ls server, they get the cloudkey anyway and try to upload to the relayserver when they are unable to reach the internal Ls server. (which happens regularly in our setup as these stations move between network zones)

Also, we prefer that those stations, when mobile outside the company, don't try to upload data to the Cloud Relay.

For now, we had to add a number of FW rules to block cloud relay access for a number of workstations, which is not the most clean solution.
It would be good to have the security option to allow or prevent certain groups from using the relay service.
Or prevent the LsAgent from not configuring the cloud key when not explicitly filled in

Engaged Sweeper
I've blocked it on our FW, but it would be good to have more control about it in the agent or on the LS Server
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
I actually wasn't aware that it would grab the cloud relay key once if it does a direct connection, but it is good to know.

There isn't an option to disable it as far as I know. So blocking it with the firewall would be the best option at the moment.

An alternative would be using the older Lspush agent. It can only send the data to the scanning server directly.

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