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Engaged Sweeper II
Hi folks,
Would anybody be able to shed some light on which scan intervals I need to tweak to ensure the MAC address of our assets are scanned more frequently? When we replace a computer in our environment, the new computer ends up with the same name as the old one, and the old computer usually gets renamed to {computer name}-old until it's removed from the domain. I've noticed that a recently replaced computer and its replacement both have the same MAC at the moment, which is potentially causing some confusion with a mechanism that's designed to ensure an asset gets renamed properly in the system.

I've gone through and adjusted any intervals that seemed logical to me, and none of them have resulted in the MAC information getting updated. Anyone have any suggestions on which interval needs adjusting to deal with this? Thanks!
Engaged Sweeper II
Gods, I don't like technology some days. First, thanks for the suggestion, though that was one of the first intervals I tried tweaking to no avail.

However, in the time between my first post and now, something happened and the two machines have different IP Addresses. I still don't think the mechanism for recognizing computer renames worked properly (the old machine is missing data from my custom fields), but it at least updated the MAC address for some reason. I'm set Win32_NetworkAdapter back to 0 for the time being, but if there are any other suggestions, I'd appreciate it!
Champion Sweeper II
I think you want decrease the interval on the the Win32_NetworkAdapter item. This link says it contains "MACAddress" and I'll assume that's what Lansweeper uses to populate the values in the database. Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration has MACAddress as well, so maybe do both to be safe?