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Engaged Sweeper


We would like to assign assets to AD users, but i cant see a way to do this programatically through the API (seems the API is "read-only" with no ability to update, which is very dissapointing).
I can see there is the ability to run custom SQL. Is this really the only way to do this mass edit?

It makes it quite hard to migrate from our current ways of doing asset management when we cant do simple things programatically!

Most competitors have the ability to view/edit data via the API!



Engaged Sweeper

Ah thank you! 

That would probably give us a good start using the Top Console User. 

I did read that page but obviously didn't scroll far enough for that section!!!

Will let you know how it goes and whether I need to dust off my SQL.....



Champion Sweeper III

I remember doing this once for a customer using a custom SQL import. Not very difficult, but you have to know what you are doing (and remember to backup your DB first). PM me if you need more information.

But maybe the following feature already helps you for 90% of your assets: go to "Assets>Mass Edit Assets". Filter on Type=Windows. Select all assets (or a subset if you want to try it first), then click 'Add Relations' on the left, select the Relation Type and click on 'Top Console User'.  Each Windows computer will then be linked to the domain user with the most logins. For more information, take a look here:


Good luck.

The Top Console User feature is a great idea but it still appears to be a manual process. Is there not a way to make tell Lansweeper to programmatically do this all the time without admin intervention? It seems like an obvious feature that's missing.