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Engaged Sweeper

Recently we started using Lansweeper and the information is being pushed by LSpush with an service account to the Lansweeper server.

We discovered that the services and features of all Windows Server machines (all versions) are missing].
But for the Windows 10 clients the data is there.

We configured LSpush on all machines the same way.
Basically an scheduled task to start the LSpush scan and push to the Lansweeper server.
(Command Prompt command example: lspush.exe

But if I manually start LSpush and transfer the file to the Lansweeper server myself, the data is there.

Is there something that could prevent the automatic LSpush to get all information?
Does the service account need specific rights on Windows Server which Windows 10 does not need?

Please let me know your suggestions.
Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Engaged Sweeper
No one who has an idea what is going on?