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Champion Sweeper II
Any ETA on the fix for LAN-4130?
After updating to the 7.2 update and I do not see anymore the hyper-v host where a guest asset is.
but on the hyperv host itself, as before I still see the asset listed under the Hyper-v guests section.

Engaged Sweeper III
Happy New Year !
I'm very interested in obtaining this Fix for the New Year 🙂

And i hope we will have additional informations in Hyperv-Guest Assets.

Amount of Memory is not sufficent.

at least we need to see NumberOfLogicalProcessors consumed by the VM.
Network infos...

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
I believe that it is currently being tested. But that doesn't say too much since if it fails that it will require more time.

I don't like giving time windows for these things as I can't control them and they are always subject to change. Currently it is scheduled for early January since we just released the LocalDB update which we want to take our time with since it impacts the database.