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Engaged Sweeper
Hey, folks. I'm a new forum member, but I've been a longtime Lansweeper user. (Since 2011, when I convinced my previous company to purchase it, and now here with my new organization.) I've always loved Lansweeper for its inventory ability, and its ability to read SNMP data off of switches was a big seller for purchasing it here. In the past I had a bevy of other products that could alert if a network device went offline, but I don't have the luxury of the same budget that I have had before.

Does anyone know if it's possible to build in a report or anything to allow Lansweeper to send an email when it detects a device has gone offline? I don't need anything fancy- just if a device, for instance a switch, stops responding to pings for X number of pings, generate an email to alert IT. Has anyone configured Lansweeper to do this?

Thanks in advance.
Champion Sweeper
We use this its free and works great after some configuring.
Honored Sweeper
Not Lansweeper related but what about something like MultiPing, its cheap and basic but should do what you are after.