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Engaged Sweeper
Hello everyone, I am a new software user, so far the software looks perfect for my job.
I have a dumb question maybe but I need an answer.
I want to monitor switches and routers, and I want to know if a switch, for example, falls, and the software will send me an email notification.
1. Is it possible?
2. If so, I would be happy for a step-by-step tutorial.

Thanks in advance for the answers
Honored Sweeper
Lansweeper isn't an uptime monitoring tool.
It's an inventory system, that added deployments, then a helpdesk component etc.

While it might add something like this, you would be better to look at a 3rd party solution.

Also depends on what info you are wanting from switches/routers etc, if its something simple like pings etc, check out something like MultiPing from the guys that brought you Ping Plotter.