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Engaged Sweeper
Hello everybody,

I have to distribute the client vpn "global protect" passing the parameter to set the site.

I tried to launch the package from a local .bat and the parameter string installs it correctly.
Creating the package from LS and launching it I get:

1639 1 System Account Result: Deployment ended: Invalid command line argument. See the Windows Installer SDK for detailed command line help. Stop (Failure). Credential: (cordenons service_lansweeper). ShareCredential: (codernons service_lansweeperro).
Command: msiexec.exe / i "serverls DefaultPackageShare $ globalprotect GlobalProtect64.msi" / norestart / qn PORTAL = "

I can also post screenshots to indicate how I built the package, it all seems ok.
I don't go out.

I immediately thank who could give me indications on the matter.
Honored Sweeper
Hi Stefano,

We don't use Global Protect anymore, however looking at the settings we did have I was deploying GlobalProtect using a Transform File (MST).

This worked well for us.

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