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Engaged Sweeper II

We have a number of W10 1909 laptops that have been introduced to our network.

I believe we have around 15 running this version, however in Lansweeper only 4 are included. The others do not appear at all, these would have been new installs. They have been setup actually the same way as our 1903 and 1809 builds which are all automatically added into Lansweeper.

It is passing all the tests in the Lansweeper Connectiontester. We run both Active Directory Domain and IP Range scans which these missing laptops should hit both.

I have included a screenshot showing one of our missing 1909 laptops.

Thanks for our help with this.
Honored Sweeper
Have you tried running the lansweeper.vbs file on an affected computer and then attempt to scan it?

File can be found on these forums.
Engaged Sweeper II
I realised I was running an old version of the Connection tester, so I reran the test with the latest version and it is now showing some errors.

I tested the Connectiontester on a number of our working 1809 and 1903 laptops that are showing in Lansweeper and they came back with the same errors. In fact the laptops that do appear in lansweeper were also failing "Scanning netbios (UDP)" which the non-appearing one passed.

Not sure if this helps at all.

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