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Champion Sweeper

I am trying to figure out the best way to enter new inventory. I am getting in new machines and want to put them into Lansweeper.

What I did was manually create a new asset in Lansweeper. I entered in the serial, MAC address, and SKU, set asset type to Windows, and changed state to spare. That works fine, but when I image the PC and put on the network a new device is created in lansweeper and the manual one I created still exists and then I have to manually go in and delete the one I manually created. Shouldn't Lansweeper automatically scan the original like it does when a computer is renamed? I have the setting set on the scan service to check for computer renames and it functions correctly.

Just seeing what anyone else has done.

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
LsPush is indeed a good option to just let it run once and import the scan. You could also do this with LsAgent, but it you will have to wait a bit longer for the scan to be pushed to Lansweeper (like 10min).

If you enter computers manually that will be scanned later, you have to take into account what information is used to identify computers and the requirements to merge computers.
Honored Sweeper
I would suggest using something like LSPUSH in a batch file that you can run.

That is what I do, batch file runs LSPUSH with our server name etc. Then runs the lansweeper.vbs to set the necessary permissions etc, then you could change the state to spare / inactive.