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Champion Sweeper

Suggestion/feature request:
It would be good if the npcap driver would also be updated via the Lansweeper update installer.
When you enable the asset radar in Lansweeper, the npcap driver is installed at version 1.55, but never updated again.
The npcap driver is already at version 1.76 [2023-07-19].
Maybe you could include this package in the installer?

And yes, I know I can update it manually, regardless of the installation of Lansweeper.
Then here it would be a good information if you can install any version of the npcap driver or if you have to pay attention to specific versions if necessary because of compatibility.

Thanks a lot!

Engaged Sweeper II


I'm wondering to what version you upgraded it ? Because the Npcap OEM is license based. Did you uninstall the OEM version and installed the Free version ?


Hi there, I have not upgraded it yet.

Champion Sweeper


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Hello there!

Thank you for your feedback! This was added to our customer wishlist!