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Engaged Sweeper III
Good day IT Staffers! I'm interested in finding a piece of software that would allow me to give a user access to our gateway so they can access the internet for a specified period of time.

Example: User asks me for internet access to research something, so i need to manually configure their network settings, and hope i remember to go back and turn them off later.

What i would like is set up a program, pref with remote access, that i can specify a time interval (say 1 hour) that they have access to the gateway, then it locks it down again. Since this could be any number of users, at any given time, for a random amount of time, each instance would need to be custom, so a GP wouldnt work in this case. Has anyone seen anything like this? I'd really like something cheap/free that can do this... I dont have so many users that spending a thousand dollars on this sort of thing would be justified.
Engaged Sweeper III
How many computers are behind your firewall? Sophos offers a free home edition UTM that supports up to 50 addresses. Endian offers an open source solution as well. Both will require a stand alone PC.
Engaged Sweeper
sorry for my bad English.
In my network i've installed an appliance wich the following functions:
url filtering and integrating with AD it able to manage user and permit them to open or not some categories or pages.
It also be able to give an open access on internet on for few hours or simply off work time hour
The entry level of appliance is ws 500 Sophos

Hoping could help
Best regards
Gian Luca

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