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Engaged Sweeper

We want to use Lansweeper for deploying software to our machines. Im looking for some advise on how to schedule the deployment.

I would like the deployment to take place during or directly after startup. I have been testing and searching for information but there doesnt seem to be a way to do this. If there is indeed no way to accomplish this, how do you guys schedule the deployments? For now we are looking to update(install new version) Java runtime and Adobe. This cant be done silently because Java and Adobe will be in use. I really dont want to do this in the middle of the day as this might hamper the users. Wake on lan could be a solution for the desktops but there are allot of employes with laptops that will not be connected to the network at night.

Im would like to hear how other people handle this. Thanks.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
If you're scanning with active scanning the interval will determine how often Lansweeper checks for newly logged on computers on the domain controller. Obviously this means that your Lansweeper server will be connecting to your DC more often, but since you're only contacting your DC more often, this won't affect your general network at all.
Engaged Sweeper
If at all possible i would like the deployment to run as fast as possible after boot.

What would be the downside of letting lansweeper check every 1 minute instead of 15? How much of a performance difference will this be on the server and network? The check is basicly a ping towards known assets correct? Are there any other aspects i need to keep in mind?

Thanks allot!
Engaged Sweeper III
Hi Freek,

We deploy to workstations Lspush seen greater than 5 mins and less than 20 mins. This is how we do it:

1. Apply a GPO with a scheduled task that runs an Lspush scan at log on.
2. In the package installer select "Rescan Assets".
3. Create a report with criteria Workstations ne to <SoftwareYou'reInstalling> eq lspush seen gt 5 mins lt 20 mins. Add the line... "tblAssets.LastLsPush > DateAdd(mi, -20, GetDate()) And tblAssets.LastLsPush < DateAdd(mi, -5, GetDate())".
4. Set a schedule to deploy software with schedule "every 15 mins" targeted at the report.

Once the software is installed the asset will be rescanned and will drop off the report which is a great way of keeping your deployments automated.

This is a tip I picked up from somebody on this forum and it works well for us.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Most users will use the after scanning deployment option. When you create a deployment schedule, you will get the options to select "After Scanning". After scanning will deploy on the assets as soon as a new scan has happened (and the asset is in the selection of assets of course), when combined with Active scanning, this will guarantee that the package will be deployed on the assets at most 15 minutes after the assets has logged onto the domain controller (if you are using default settings).

You can find the deployment schedules in Configuration\Scheduled Deployments.
Settings for the interval which Lansweeper uses to look for newly logged on computers can be found in Scanning\Scanning targets under "Active Directory Domain scanning options (applies to all domains)"