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Engaged Sweeper
We are new to Lansweeper. -

When I close this ticket. I see the following error in the ticket:
System 04/30/2018 13:03

An error occurred when trying to mail the previous note.

The following email address was rejected: teresatroyer@atu1015.org

It appears this is stopping the ticket from being closed. Although it appears to accept my close when I set it.

Other tickets I close work fine, but they also don't have an error message after close.

Thank you for whatever help you can provide.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
System error messages, such as the one you're seeing on the ticket, are error messages that the scanning service receives when sending an email. As you are not able to close the ticket and keep receiving the 'The following email address was rejected.' error, the issue will most likely be due to an outgoing e-mail template you have set up under Configuration\E-mail Settings or when adding a public note, the default public reply email that is sent to the users. In this case, the error message came from your own mail server and as such Lansweeper cannot prevent this error from appearing.

You can either disable to outgoing email template, or make try and find out why the mail server is not able to send an email to the email address.