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Engaged Sweeper
We have an existing (v. LANSweeper installation and are looking to implement an existing asset acquisition workflow to populate into LANSweeper.

The workflow would be as follows:

1) Create asset records based on the serial number of the asset when we receive the devices from the manufacturer.
2) Once the device is deployed in the environment, have the device scanned using LSPUSH the populate the data into existing entry (rather than create a new one).

A couple of observations...

We attempted to do this with and found that the record for the pre-populated asset and the deployed asset (using lspush.exe and then copying the resulting text file into the Import folder had different records with different unique keys (the former based on the asset tag, the latter on the hostname). Before the deployment, we will not know what the hostname would be. Based on a review of the LSPUSH-generated file, the unique key is generated based on the hostname of the device.

After reviewing your forums, merging asset records is a feature that has yet to be implemented. As such, is it possible (or advisable) to change the LSPUSH-generated file, edit that value to match the unique key of the already-created asset and import the edited file through the already available import process?

I, in advance, thank the denizens of this forum for any possible guidance you may be able to provide.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper must be able identify the assets as the same asset before it will start updating existing assets with scanned information.

Lansweeper will check if an asset is unique in two ways:
  1. Lansweeper compares the unique key, how the unique key is generated can be found in this knowledgebase article.
  2. For Windows computers, if the unique key is not identical, and Windos rename detection is enabled. It will compare data between the existing asset and the scanned asset to check if they are identical. Lansweeper will compare serial,model and MAC address. You can find more information in this knowledgebase article.
I would recommend ensuring that Windows rename detection can do its thing. Ensure that all existing assets in Lansweeper have a correct serial,model and MAC address.