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Engaged Sweeper

I also have a ticket on this open with support. But I'd also like to ask if anyone here already encountered this:

we are using lansweeper helpdesk for tickets here. If I create a ticket and add a cc user I get a list containing al our ad users which is fine. The list also shows if the user has a mailaddress. Now I choose a user that has an email addres shown in that list as CC. Helpdesk then complains about the user not having a mail address even though there is one shown in the list. If you open the user details page of the user in LS you also see the email address which is devinitely correct.
Though creating the ticket then throws an error about one user (the cc) not having an email address. This must be thrown by LS oder its services since I looked at the logs on our mailserver and there wasn't even an attempt to send mail from the LS Email address in this time.
However ticket notifications do work (execpt from CC Users from ad).

Update: this only happens when I add a CC synced from AD with ticket creation. If I add the same user as CC to an existing ticket there is no complaints at all.

Does anyone have any hint,clue or advice why that happens?

stay safe