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Engaged Sweeper III
If I disable the option to save pinged IPs when performing a network scan - will I still get visibility of any devices it tried to scan and couldn't?

I don't need them to be an asset, but would like to know if I can see the failed scan in the scanning errors report.

Our estate is vast with several networks. A good number of asset licenses are taken by these pinged devices that can't otherwise be scanned. What i'd like to do is basically see the list of scanning errors for these devices without them being assets - I can then decide / try and resolve any scanning issues at which point they would become an asset.

Is this possible?

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

In order to see scanning errors, there need to be an asset. At this moment we only list scanning errors listed to an asset. When Lansweeper scans a device it will always do some basic steps to determine the asset type, based on that, different protocols are tried and only afterwards we can see if we can get in the device or not.

Only then scanning errors are stored together with the asset.