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Engaged Sweeper
When a user creates a new ticket using the option "add cc user" this dropdown list shows all AD user inside the AD.

For a more detailed example we can manage this:

If we go to "Configuration-------------> User Access & Roles" we can see our only 100 active users at LS.
this users were sync automatically via AD.

but when a normal user creates a new ticket and uses "add cc user" the new popup window shows a listing not with
"LS 100 users", instead shows all AD users.

we we're hoping to see in the dropdown list the "LS Users"

we are missing any configuration or option? or what can be causing this behavior?
Engaged Sweeper II
I would like to expand on this issue. When building this list of users from AD it should be easy enough to confirm that the AD account has an email address. There are multiple attributes assigned to a users account that can be checked: Mail and MSExchShadowProxyAddresses

The Mail attribute is the same as the E-Mail box on the general tab of the users properties. For those that have exchange or use Office 365 and have multiple domain addresses you can find those in the MSExchShadowProxyAddresses

I would like to see an option in lansweepers setting to use at least the Mail attribute to validate accounts that should be shown in the CC users list and any other lists where that would apply. There are just too many AD accounts listed that do not and would not have an email address assigned to them. This would solve that problem.

Thank you.
Engaged Sweeper
Hi Stephane.

thank you for your help.

At your first scenario, yes when end user makes use of "add cc user" a new window will show
A listing with the users that need to be added to this ticket, but this listing is showing all the domain users (end users, admins, built in, etc.) those are more than 300 for example and this is a security issue.
When at the end we are hoping to see just 100 users at that listing, those same users added to

Configuration --------->User Access & Roles ---------------> users

Engaged Sweeper

What I have understood so far is that in the helpdesk module, the user represent the "end user" requesting support and that the Agent is an advanced user of the helpdesk module which will process the tickets.

The Add CC user option may be used for a situation like this : an assistant opens a ticket for his manager. while the ticket is open with his name, he wants his manager to kept informed of the progession of the ticket from an end user point of view. he will then add CC user to this ticket.

While the helpdesk agent may subscribe other helpdesk agents to follow up a particular ticket for a collaboration for instance. The helpdesk agent will then Add a suscriber. the agent list will come from the configured LS users (100).

I hope this helps.