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Engaged Sweeper
How do I record the owner or used by relationship to an asset of an Azure AD only user.
Relying on last login is not sufficient, as the asset may be scanned while the non-primary user is logged in.
Product Team
Product Team

Hi @TFGITADMIN! Unfortunately, the ability to create relationships with Azure AD users is not yet available in Lansweeper Cloud. However, it is part of our roadmap to bring the user entity to the Cloud.

Could you tell us what problem you face because this functionality is not available and what value it would bring to your company to generate this type of relationship?

If you'd rather have a quick chat with Product on this topic so we can better understand your needs and use cases to design solutions to suit them, we at Lansweeper are always happy to talk to users like you.

We want to display the information in one pane without having to switch to Intune to look up the info. We would also like to use Lansweeper as an ITAM instead of having to integrate with another platform.

Engaged Sweeper II

How can this be done in Lansweeper Cloud? The only option that we get is AD User and nothing is populated.

Product Team
Product Team

Have you tried using Lansweeper's Azure AD integration available since version 9.4 (March 22)? This will allow you to add the relation to an Azure AD-only user.

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